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Thursday, March 3, 2011


Once upon a there lived mouse named Chinden who was one of the greet disturbance who steel the food from their kitchen and refrigerator. They got an idea; they buy a kitty named Kittu who was very cute and intelligent, he loved them back as well as they love him. They toiled the problems so he understand how series it was. Normally any cat will just kill him and eat but Kittu just told Chinden that how poor that he has done and not angry towards him. In such a situation any mouse just leave the place. And go to any other house but Chinden think Kittu was afraid to catch Chinden and just pull Kittu’s poor whiskers. Kittu just kill him and threw him away.
Jithin Das
- Moral stories
Moral: we must use over golden chances or it will be too late

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