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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Once upon a time there lived a rich merchant named Narayan and a poor farmer named Ram they were neighbours and very good friends. Their children were studying in the same class .They were also good friends. Merchant’s son was Rohit and farmer’s son was Kelu. Rohit brought luxurious food all day to school but Kelu brought some tapioca .And they shared their food. Once they quarrelled among themselves, reason was nothing that Kelu broke Rohit’s new pencil. After fighting Kelu explained that it was an accident and told sorry to him, so they became friends again. But hearing about their quarrel their parents became enemies. When parents noticed their children’s friendship they felt ashamed.

Jithin Das
-Moral stories
(Moral: Think before you leap)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


In those days no one can says that we can fall out from our friendship. But I don’t know that why the Cheetah do that. I can remember that when that Hyena is coming and trying to brake out of our friendship I say “That’s none of your business”. But hearing this Hyena is trying to make some new plans for brake out of our friendship. Each and every plan is failed. And after a particular season we got a new friend Cheetah we two are sure that Cheetah will never ever cheat us. But Cheetah cheats us. All parents will be upset hate towards who hurt their child. Lion got angry and hate towards me because our new friend had take lion’s baby and leave the baby on my cave. And told to lion “oh my friend, our Fox had taken your baby to his cave for making your son as his pray” poor friend lion, he didn’t believed that I would cheat him so he came and look because it is his too little baby. He saw that his baby is crying on my cave with full of fear because he is alone far a long time. Lion misunderstood me. Our friend deer saw this he came and told me that Hyena had sends Cheetah for breaking our friendship and Cheetah cheats us. Hearing this I didn’t waist any single moment. When I reach lion he had attack, I had escape from lion but a lot of blood and flesh lost from my body. When I reached other forest and the doctor had saved me from such a bad condition. The deer explained that how cruel he is and ask him what did my friends did that for your antagonism to my friends he is very upset and ran and told to lion how cruel he had done to you and your friend. Because tear he can’t attack the Hyena. Lion met the Fox can’t get up from bed because of the pane that lion give to his body and mind. Fox says that we are not the friends of unity; we are the friends of sadness.